Pre-merger detection of binary neutron star mergers using GSTLAL

This web page provides details of the data used in the paper “An early warning system for electromagnetic follow-up of gravitational-wave events.” The paper describes the pre-merger detection of the binary neutron star (BNS) systems and the prospects for electromagnetic follow-up considering a network of three ground-based gravitational-wave (GW) detectors: Advanced LIGO (Hanford and Livingston), and Advanced Virgo operating at design sensitivities.


Evolution of sky localization from GW detection with time, the final (smallest) localization is at merger.

About 7% (respectively, 49%) of the total detectable BNS mergers will be detected 60 s (10 s) before the merger. About 2% of the total detectable BNS mergers will be detected before merger and localized to within 100 deg2 (90% credible interval).

Here we provide in form of tables (CSV and JSON formats), the data (Summary of results and data) that were used to inform results in the paper. In addition, we also provide links to and description of the full raw GW data (Full data release) set which can be used by both professional astronomers and science enthusiasts for further studies. In particular, we provide the posterior probability maps resulting from Bayesian parameter estimation at various times before merger for a number of simulated BNS sources that we expect to detect. These should be useful to prepare EM-facilities for optimal follow-up.


The gpstimes for various simulated signals in the section Injection Recovery can be clicked on to view an animated gif showing the evolution of skymap at different times before merger. All the animated skymap gifs can be downloaded here: GIFS